Mission Viejo OC Surf Website

Created for a new chapter in this soccer club's story, the website seeks to use the beautiful, fresh blues from the Club's color palatte along with active photos to display the active nature of the sport.

Built on a WordPress platform using custom HTML5 & CSS3.

Chocolate Forest Website

The challenge for the Chocolate Forest website was to create a charming, nostalgic yet modern feel. This site is an homage to, and re-design of, the first Chocolate Forest website built in 2005.

All but three of the photos on this site were taken by me for the original website. The logo uses elements from the client's original logo.

Created using Adobe Muse.


Café Piment de Paris

Sesigned for a modern café/coffee house aesthetic with a nod to old fashioned Parisian sidewalk cafés.

Created in Adobe Muse.

American Impressionism


American Impressionism

An in-depth look at the development of American Impressionism, who the impressionists were, and their European origins. With an extensive gallery of American and European works.

Built using HTML5  and CSS3. Responsive & mobile-friendly.


SC Athletic Club Soccer

An information packed website, heavy on photos and slideshows. Click the screen to see the original homepage.

Created in HTML, CSS & Javascript using Adobe Dreamweaver.


Creative Layers Design Blog

A blog site which explores a variety of design topics. In the blog shown, it follows the creation process for the Chocolate Forest website.

Created using WordPress with custom CSS & HTML.