Magazine Spread: Charles & Ray Eames

For this magazine spread I chose Century Schoolbook because of it's beauty and readability. Although created slightly before Charles & Ray Eames' most famous furniture, it is roughly of the same era and shares the same modern aesthetic. The colors for the spread were taken directly from the color palate used by the Eamses in their furniture design, the plastic chairs.


Bruce Mao's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Part typography exploration and part photo manipulation, these images were part of a larger project where I created a booklet from Bruce Mao's 1998 Incomplete Manifesto. I chose the typefaces to match the style already in use on the signs that I altered.


OCYSO & Young Musicians Foundation

This flyer, for a panel discussion at LAPL, was part of OCYSO's collaboration with YMF on the WWI Centenary Project. The WWI era photo was found on Shorpy. The YMF logo was recreated in B&W in Illustrator. The font for LAPL is Minion Pro (the Library's official font). The font for the header is Goudy Old Style which was designed in 1915 for ATF, contemporaneous with WWI.


Style Tile for Chocolate Forest Website

When building the Chocolate Forest website, I had the challenge of designing a look that was both warm, inviting, and nostalgic as well as modern-feeling and contemporary. I used the serif font Alice for the headlines because of it's casual and somewhat old-fashioned feel. I chose the sans-serif font ASAP for the body, buttons and menus because it had a geometric modern feel to it, but still had rounded edges that blended well with Alice.


Fundraising Invitations for SC Athletic Club Soccer Team

For the invitation on the left I wanted a typeface that looked like it could have come from a late 1920's - early 1930's Prohibition Era speakeasy.  I used Bernard Modern Standard for the text, designed just after the end of Prohibition in 1937 by Lucien Bernhard for ATF. I liked it's sharp serifs and low x-height, which was popular at the time. "Casino Night" is in Bickham Script Pro and "SC Athletic" is in Copperplate, whose sharp serifs go well with those of Bernard Modern.

For the invitation on the right, I wanted to evoke an old-style, glamorous evening of gambling in Las Vegas. I used Bernhard Modern again for the body which coordinated with Imprint MT Shadow for "SC Athletic." I used the font Santa Fe, and gave it a little glow in Photoshop, to create the Las Vegas neon lights effect for the surrounding words.

The playing cards, including the special SC Athletic ace of spades, were drawn in Illustrator.

The invitations were printed and mailed. They were also added to the Club website with a clickable link for PayPay.


Book Cover: To Kill A Mockingbird

For this book cover mockup for To Kill A Mockingbird, I took the idea that for Atticus and Scout Finch, the fabric of their lives was coming unraveled. I chose a thin, single-weight (no thick and thin) typeface, Lakeside, with an old-fashioned hand-written feel and used it like a length of thread coming loose from the woven fabric. In Illustrator I reduced the slant on the font and turned it into a continuous thread.


Book Cover: To Serve Man

In this book cover mockup of an old Damon Knight story I used a typeface, colors and patterns typical for a 1950's cookbook. Beginning with an image of a cloche, I added in extra silver marks to simulate portholes, and floated the cloche above a shadow to give the illusion of a spaceship. I wanted this cover to be fun, campy and ironic. The font for the title and author is Honey Script.


Four Created Typefaces/Logotypes

Sometimes you just need to make your own typeface. I made one for the Mockingbird project, but ultimately used something else. Symphony is a prelude to a complete typeface. The New Orleans logotypes were created to show two different aspects of the city: one with a nod to it's showboat gambling history and one referencing the regrowth of the city after Hurricane Katrina.

Mockingbird Script